Tuesday, March 30, 2010

World Wide Fund (WWF) awards SAMAA TV for supporting research in the field of conservation and environment


World Wide Fund (WWF) awards SAMAA TV for supporting research in the field of conservation and environment

Speaking at the award ceremony, Amir Jahangir, Chief Executive Officer, SAMAA TV said, “Environmental conservation is an issue that directly affects our generation and the next. It is therefore important that we do everything possible to not only create awareness about what we can do but also contribute with what needs to be done now. We are all responsible for what we will be handing over to our next generation; they should not say that we did not care about them.”

WWF – Pakistan held its annual Syed Asad Ali Conservation Award (SAAC) and the Living Planet Award ceremony on 29th March 2010 to honor and recognize organizations and individuals, who have carried out notable contributions to conserve wildlife and the natural resources of the country. SAMAA TV, one of Pakistan’s leading news channels was awarded the Conservation recognition award

in appreciation of being the only media channel in the region to show leadership in advancing environmental and conservation program through communication and public outreach.

The award distribution ceremony was held at the Ali Institute under the presence of leading representatives from the Government, civic society, environmental agencies, academia and the media.

Mr. Jahangir appreciated WWF Pakistan’s initiatives to recognize the contributions within conservation of environment stating that environmental awards were an important mechanism to encourage business and society to meet the Pakistan’s sustainable development and environmental programs. “Award schemes can provide a very useful way of stimulating improved environmental performance by organizations and showcasing good examples of innovation and best practice – the media industry has to play a significant role to ensure Pakistan reaches the desired targets”, said Jahangir.

The special recognition award acknowledges SAMAA TV’s contribution to student’s research in field of conservation and environment and its role in engaging and shaping public response to environmental conversation program.

SAMAA TV is the first media channel in the Asian region to be offering scholarships for public university students pursuing master level degrees in environmental sciences. SAMAA is also launching structured thematic green media campaigns every month for people to participate in various initiatives such as ‘Say No to Plastic Bags’, ‘Earth Hour’, ‘Beach Cleaning’, ‘Plantation,’ and ‘Make Your Carbon and Water Foot Prints Small and Green’, all of which are designed to be visually appealing and environmentally informative.

While addressing the participants and audience of the ceremony, Mr. Ali Hassan Habib, Director General, WWF – Pakistan and Dr. Kauser Abdulla Malik, Chairman Scientific Committee expressed their compliments to the award recipients.

“This special environment recognition award has been awarded to SAMAA for its innovate initiatives on the subject of environment and more importantly for its commitment which is transparent when we look at the positive results, which have emerged from these initiatives – This has made SAMAA a deserving “Environment Champion” said Mr. Ali Hassan Habib,

The Syed Asad Ali Conservation (SAAC) Award is a tribute to Syed Asad Ali for his inspiring role in bringing forth the importance of conserving the environment for a better tomorrow.

In his concluding remarks, Amir Jahangir encouraged more organizations to seek recognition for their environmental performance. Mr. Jahangir said that media need to go beyond simple reporting and take up issues towards educating communities and create awareness for the well being of the society. He said that it was important to take a lead and get involved in this process.

This year, the SAAC Award was presented to Mr. Ayub Dablo, Asgher Ali Detho and Ashfaq Ahmed Ashufta for their efforts as conservationists in their respective areas. Ayub Dablo received this award for his contributions towards the plantation and conservation of mangroves over an area of more than 495 hectares in Keti bunder. Mr. Ashafaq Ahmad Ashufta was selected for SAAC Award for the continued efforts that he made to conserve the Kalij Pheasant with the involvement of local community in Jafferabad village of Abbottabad.

Society for Social Development and Conservation of Nature, Lasbella received the Living Planet Award for a Project to ensure the sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources with the involvement of local communities in Lasbella.

Certificate of appreciation were also presented to Mr. Samad Dawood, CEO of Dawood Corporation for donating an amount of Rupees 2.5 million to WWF – Pakistan and to Ms. Raina Saeed Khan upon receiving an Award at UN Summit on the article that she has written on Keti Bunder.

SAMAA TV’s commitment to being a socially responsible broadcaster has been widely appreciated on both national and international forums. It has been recognized as an innovator and leader for many initiatives and is the first media channel in Pakistan to have been honored with the Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award 2009 for the Polio Control Cell stewardship. It is also the first media channel in Pakistan to have received the National CSR Excellence Award and also Pakistan’s first Innovation Journalism Health award from UNICEF and Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan.

SAMAA TV is one of Pakistan’s leading private satellite television channels, which takes pride in its fair, factual and independent news coverage through its on-the-hour bulletins, breaking stories, incisive political analysis and current affairs programs. The channel is the first media channel is Pakistan to have established a well-integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program as part of it business activities. SAMAA TV’s CSR program carries various initiatives within health, education, environment and outreach programs focusing on improving the socio-economic situation of Pakistan.

The channel has also made a niche for itself through its programs on women and youth issues besides infotainment and sports. SAMAA TV, launched in December 2007 has network of district correspondents and five bureaus across Pakistan along with international stringers in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

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