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Pakistan Security Update - 26 July, 2010

  • Large scale leak of US military and diplomatic documents reveals ISI links to Taliban
  • Admiral Mullen speaks with Pakistani military leaders in Rawalpindi
  • First group of IDPs to begin resettling South Waziristan
  • Drone strikes in North and South Waziristan kill at least 35 militants
  • Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Hussain’s son gunned down by Taliban, home targeted by suicide bombing
  • Violence continues to grip Karachi.

US-Pakistan Relations
On Sunday, it was revealed that more than 90,000 military and diplomatic documents pertaining to the war in Afghanistan between 2004 and 2009 had been leaked to three major new organizations by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.org, making it the single largest leak of its kind in US history. Foremost among the various issues detailed in the documents is the allegation that Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has been playing a “double game” in Afghanistan by secretly continuing to aid the Taliban insurgency
The reports indicate that ISI representatives directly met with the Taliban to hold secret “strategy sessions” to organize various militant groups which have actively attacked US and NATO forces. In addition, some of the documents even go so far as to suggest that ISI has collaborated with al-Qaeda in planning attacks. Pakistan has denied the accusations while both US and Pakistani officials have condemned the unauthorized release of information as “irresponsible.”[1]


 Af-Pak Relations



Chief of Army Staff

India-Pakistan Relations

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